Experts in urology

Uroviva unites urological competence with empathy and exceptional patient care. 32 experts with a cumulative wealth of experience are available to answer every complex question.

Uroviva offers an entire spectrum of urological treatments on an inpatient or outpatient basis. With nine partner practices and its own clinic, Uroviva guarantees an experienced team of doctors that deliver medical excellence.

The Uroviva network enables flexible and comprehensive patient consultations. Quality time, active listening and providing thorough information are a matter of course. We make it our duty to provide personalised care that meets the needs of each and every individual.

What to expect at Uroviva

Competence Centre for Urology

  • Comprehensive spectrum of operations thanks to our interdisciplinary network
  • An established and professional operating team of doctors
  • Cutting-edge technology and the latest findings in the field of uro-oncology


  • Personal and comprehensive care
  • An empathetic staff
  • A familiar, welcoming atmosphere

Patient care

  • Quick and flexible appointment allocation
  • Weekend consultation hours at the Zurich City location
  • Emergency services
We are here for you

We are here for you

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Permanence Zurich: +41 44 365 11 11
(Mo-Sa 8am-1pm / 2pm-5pm)

For international inquiries: 
+41 44 365 11 99

More time for you
The most specialised phsycian for every case

Our corporate culture and organisational structure are designed to focus on our patients, regardless of their insurance class. Our team of 32 qualified urologists with various subspecialisations offer a wealth of experience to give you the best possible treatment, whatever the situation may be. We take our time and are highly dedicated to improving your health.

We are here for you