Urologische Symptome wie Blut im Urin und Krankheitsbilder der Urologie
Symptoms and diseases

Symptoms and diseases


Are you looking to have a vasectomy or do have blood in your urine or other discomforting symptoms that a urologist should examine? Find out more about urological symptoms and diseases.


Ursachen, Prävention und Krankheitsbilder
Urologische Behandlungen von Prostatakrebs, Blasenkrebs und anderen urologischen Krankheiten
Treatments and therapies

Treatments and therapies


Uroviva offers doctors and patients the entire treatment spectrum of urology using the latest technology. We guarantee top medical quality through the use of innovative technologies such as the Davinci Robot or Histoscanning TT.


Treatments and therapies
Roger Gablinger Urologe Facharzt für Urologie und Blasenkrebs
Our doctors

Our doctors


Uroviva offers an experienced team of doctors with various subspecialisations. Our highly qualified nursing staff is also devoted to taking care of your well-being during your visit or hospital stay.


Overview of our urologists

Second opinion consultations


Do you need support in making a decision about how to approach a serious illness such as bladder cancer? Our network of specialists will be happy to help you obtain clarity and certainity about a diagnosis that has been made or a treatment that has been recommended.


More information & contact


Spitalaufenthalt in der Uroviva Fachklinik für Urologie

Your hospital stay at Uroviva

Our patients are at the centre of our attention. As a family-sized clinic, we strive to provide the most personal and comprehensive care. It is our goal to make your hospital stay as pleasant as possible.


Preparation, visiting hours, contact information

At Uroviva, patients are the centre of attention


Uroviva specialises in providing excellent all-round treatment for patients with urology issues. Regardless of your insurance class, with Uroviva you will always receive the best possible urological treatment thanks to our unique setup. Uroviva offers the entire spectrum urology treatments on an inpatient or outpatient basis. All uroviva patients have direct access to a network of 21 experts who are dedicated to tackling every urological question. In addition to professional insight, diagnosics and treatments, our staff also ensure that your visit to the practice or hospital stay in the Uroviva Clinic is as pleasant as possible.

Taking sufficient time, actively listening and carefully consulting are a matter of course for us.