Urologische Kompetenz in vertrauensvoller Atmosphäre

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Welcome to Uroviva

Uroviva offers patients and referring physicians from all over the world the full range of urological treatments, using the latest technology. As a network that affiliates experienced doctors specialising in all sub-disciplines of urology at various locations in Switzerland, Uroviva ensures the highest quality of medical care.

About Uroviva

Uroviva represents a network of doctors in the region of Zurich whose specialisation in the key disciplines of urology makes it possible to offer state-of-the-art medical care and treatment. Our specialised clinic for urology combines medical excellence of the highest Swiss quality with outstanding Patient Service and a friendly ambiance. As our patients are our top priority, we are dedicated to taking the time to actively listen to them and to providing them with detailed information.

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Customised Care

If you have any symptoms or questions regarding your health, our urology experts will be happy to evaluate your condition and determine the proper treatment relevant  to your personal and medical needs. On request, we gladly arrange travel itineraries for patients and their accompanying family members, including accommodation, chauffeur Service and interpreters. Please contact our International Office for a non-binding treatment offer.




Medical Second Opinion

Do you need support in making a decision about how to approach a serious illness such as prostate cancer, but are unable or reluctant to leave your home? Our network of specialists will be happy to help you obtain clarity and certainity about a diagnosis that has been made or a treatment that has been recommended. Please enter your name and contact details in the enquiry form. You will hear from us within 2 business days.

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