“I can finally laugh again without restraint.”
Anna Meissner (62) suffered from incontinence for many years. All the treatments she underwent were unsuccessful. Then she sought a second opinion at the Urology Walk-in Clinic and was seen by a specialist immediately. She was quickly scheduled for a follow-up appointment. The treatment was effective. Since then, Anna has been able to enjoy life again unhindered.

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Blood in your urine
Pain when passing water
Bladder infection

When confronted with problems of this kind, most people are looking for quick treatment. The Urology Walk-in Clinic is a straightforward facility at Stadelhofen station for patients with urological problems or questions about preventative treatment. You don't need an appointment; you can simply drop by, seven days a week. From your first appointment, you will be seen by an experienced specialist and will receive appropriate specialist aftercare as needed.


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Do I need to visit a urologist?

You can use the urology self-test to quickly check whether an examination would be advisable.


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Do you feel pain in your kidney area when you move?
Do you have blood in your urine?
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Do you feel pain or burning when urinating?
Are you a man who has been experiencing pain while urinating for more than two days?
Do you have blood in your urine?
Do you accidentally lose urine?
Are you under 35 and need to urinate more often or urgently than before?
Are you over 35 years old and need to urinate more frequently or urgently than before?
The estimated number of people suffering from incontinence is high: around one in four women and one in ten men is believed to be affected, but only around 15% consult a doctor.
If identified early, bladder cancer can be treated successfully in seven out of eight cases.
Over a third of patients at Uroviva are women. Female patients can request to be seen by a female doctor.