The Urolift system, which has been in operative use at Uroviva since spring 2013, can substantially improve quality of life of these men without any undesirable side effects and risks (rear-facing ejaculation into the bladder, complications of surgery).

For men with symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia, several treatment options are currently available. In addition to observation and medicinal treatment, surgical treatment can be considered. However, not all of these options will meet the needs of every patient. The vast majority of men with symptoms are initially treated with medication. Very few opt for a surgical procedure. Some patients prematurely discontinue medicinal treatment because of unwanted side effects. There is thus a group of patients who still exhibit symptoms, yet do not want medication, nor do they opt for surgical treatment. There is now a new process that can effectively cover this treatment gap.

With this innovative method, the narrowing of the urine flow can be eliminated endoscopically (through the urethra). This is done by permanent compression of prostate tissue, which greatly improves the flow of urine within a short time. The bladder can be easily voided, thereby reducing the frequency of visits to the toilet. The side-effects of medicinal treatment along with surgical complications are non-existent with the Urolift system. Moreover, men who undergo this procedure regain their fitness more quickly. This treatment is also available to patients with permanent blood thinning or who have already undergone prostate surgery (provided they fulfil the requirements). 

As a rule, the patient must cover the costs for the implants.

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