Straightening surgery in the case of penile curvature

There are various techniques for straightening the penis. Common to all is the principle of gathering the covering of the corpus cavernosum on the convex side of the curvature.

This procedure always leads to a 5–15 mm reduction in the length of the penis, which must be communicated with the patient in advance.

Newer techniques (e.g. operation after paralysis) follow the principle of incising the corpus cavernosum sheath transversely on the concave (shortened) side. This leads to a defect of the corpus cavernosum sheath but also to a desired corrective extension. The corresponding tissue defect is covered and closed by a collagen fleece. Eventually this foreign tissue dissolves and is replaced by normal tissue. The advantage of this procedure is that the outcome less dramatic - and with a little luck - even without shortening the length of the penis.

Consult your doctor to discuss what treatment is appropriate for you.

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