Ureter part removal

Ureter part removal is performed either in the case of a short-stretch ureter narrowing - or in the case of a small finding of ureteral cancer.

Especially in the presence of a ureteral cancer, a certain distance from healthy tissue must also be removed to be on the safe side. If the part of the ureter to be removed is too large and the two remaining ureter ends cannot be reunited, the entire kidney must be removed with the entire ureter.

In the case of removal of a part of the ureter, the corresponding part is surgically removed. The two remaining ureter remnants are mobilised and separated from the surrounding tissue to gain length. Then the two ends are rejoined with single seams and sewn together. A ureteral splint or pigtail is inserted for approx. 6 weeks to stabilise the fusion suture. This splint can then be removed on an outpatient basis via urinary bladder endoscopy/cystoscopy.