Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (i.e. deficient rigidity of the penis) can have various causes. This often occurs as a side effect of certain medications (e.g. beta blockers and antidepressants), as a result of atherosclerosis, and as a result of nerve damage (e.g. from diabetes, a slipped disc, or spinal injuries) as well as in the case of insufficient testosterone or mental health problems.

Injury to the erectile nerves following pelvic surgery can also cause erectile dysfunction.. The most common risk factors are smoking, high blood pressure, and diabetes mellitus as well as obesity and the accompanying diseased.. In addition to a detailed interview, the causes can be elucidated by means of special investigations. In most cases, 5-PDE inhibitors (e.g. Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis) can help. Other alternatives include injections, vacuum pumps, and penile prostheses.


All erectile dysfunction patients require a basic diagnosis. In addition to the specific survey on sexual behaviour and the consumption of drugs, stimulants, and addictive substances, it includes a survey concerning psychological stress factors. These include selected blood values, whereby the determination of testosterone is the most important. Based on this information, the right course of therapy can be determined.


It may be sufficient to compensate for reduced testosterone levels with replacement drugs. Since the introduction of Viagra, the group of 5-PDE inhibitors has proven to be the most successful. They mainly differ with respect to potency and duration of action. In most cases, good, or at least satisfactory functional results can be achieved with these preparations.

Another option is to inject vasoactive substances into the corpus cavernosum. In this case, the patient injects a certain dose of prostaglandin E into the corpora cavernosa. Within a few minutes, an erection can be achieved. If the above methods fail, operative prosthetic replacement of the corpora cavernosa can be taken into consideration.

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