Penile curvature (Induratio Penis Plastica - IPP)

A penile curvature can have several causes. Most often it is a consequence of the so-called Peyronie's disease, also known as Induratio Penis Plastica (IPP). This is a disease in which the connective tissue proliferates, thus resulting in scarring and withdrawal of the cavernous body.

The result is a penile curvature. A penile curvature due to penis injuries during intercourse with lacerations of the erectile tissue (known as penis fracture) and subsequent bruising or injuries to the cavernous body due to traffic or sports accidents is not very common. As long as a penis deviation is mild and does not interfere mechanically with sexual intercourse, surgery should be considered with cautious. Sometimes psychological factors lead the patient to surgery.


Photo documentation of the erect member across 3 axes.


Penile Plication Surgery

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