Renal pelvis outflow stenosis (renal pelvis outflow obstruction)

Renal pelvis outflow stenosis (narrowing) is a congenital malformation or a slowly developing narrowing through an excessive tissue reaction of the ureter due to a crossing and pulsating inferior renal polar artery.

Due to a crossing and pulsating inferior renal polar artery, a backflow of urine into the kidney occurs as well as an expansion of the renal pelvis. In most cases, these changes remain unnoticed throughout the patient's life. Possible symptoms are extremely variable: Chronic back pain, feeling of pressure in the flanks, occasional colic or recurrent pyelonephritis. In severe cases long-standing draining problems can lead to damage or even loss of kidney function on the corresponding side. Urological treatment depends on the severity of the narrowing and the patient's symptoms.




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