Hydrocele is a collection of fluid between the testicles and the surrounding testis, causing a usually painless, taut elastic swelling. This swelling is completely benign.

Depending on the size, it can lead to a significant feeling of heaviness and problems with physical activities and wearing tight clothing.. 

Hydroceles in childhood is usually characterised by the incomplete closure between the abdomen and scrotum. In adulthood, it is often a result of inflammation, surgery or injury of the genital region. Puncturing with a cannula usually does not lead to lasting success and involves the risk of additional infection. Therefore, surgery for the removal of the testis and partly also of the epididymis, is the treatment of choice.



Treating hydrocele is only indicated if it causes discomfort. These can be mechanical or psychological. If family planning is complete there is the option of Epididymis removal an. If family planning is not yet complete, the epididymis should be left in place as it would lead to a unilateral ligation. In this case it is advisable to  <ahref="t3://page?uid=73">to plicate the hydrocele sac.

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