Varicose veins in the scrotum (varicoccele)

This is an expansion of the venous complex in the area of the external genitals that affects the veins, namely the blood vessels that carry blood from the testis and epididymis back to the heart.

The venous valves no longer close properly, which results in a blood backflow, which leads to the formation of a palpable and in many cases also visible globular structures (glomeruli) in the scrotum. In most cases, this condition only occurs after puberty and often only the left side is affected. The reason is the exceptional blood reflux of the corresponding vein up into the left renal vein and the associated increased vascular pressure.

Varicose veins on the testicles can cause, in exceptional cases, mild pain and may have an inhibitory effect on sperm quality. A treatment is therefore recommended for these corresponding findings. It consists of a surgical ligation or sclerotherapy of the corresponding vein. The blood then flows through bypass circuits out of the scrotum.


Palpating the genitals while standing, Ultrasound and duplex sonography (detection of venous blood reflux during pressing)


Varicocele operation

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