Andrology Centre Zurich

The Andrology Centre Zurich was founded in 1989 and has been part of the Uroviva network since 2018.

What does andrology involve?

Andrology is a special field of medicine that deals with the reproductive functions of men and their disorders. One could view andrology as the male equivalent of gynaecology. Asking questions about sexual problems and infertility is still taboo and often excluded from any discussion. But only when the causes of infertility are known, can fears and social prejudices subside.

The Zurich Andrology Centre provides brief and easy-to-understand information on all men's health issues and the current trends and developments in medicine.

Focus areas, Facts and Terms

  • Male sterility (desire to have children): About 15% of all couples are involutarily childless. In half of the cases, the cause is to be found in the man.
  • Erectile Disfunction: Causes and treatment of difficulties in getting and maintaining an adequate erection during sexual intercourse.
  • Aging Male: Male Menopause - causes, symptoms and modern treatment options.
  • Ejaculation Disorders: A very frequent disorder with an extremely complex treatment procedure. How to proceed with clarification and treatment.
  • Hereditary Diseases: Genetic causes of male infertility.
  • Varicocele and cryptorchidism: Testicular protuberance and vein thickening on the testicles are frequent and may cause infertility - early diagnosis and treatment are crucial.
  • STDs: Infections mainly transmitted through sexual contact. Symptoms and modern treatments.

For more information please visit our Andrology website (Available in german only):

Get an appointment at the Zurich Andrology Centre

Get an appointment at the Zurich Andrology Centre

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