The Uroviva Tumour Centre

The Tumour Centre is the central point of contact for referring family doctors and patients suffering from urological cancers. The centre supports doctors and their patients in coordinating personlised treatment plans that meet the needs of each individual. This includes active listening, guaranteeing confidentiality and providing well-founded information.

The Uroviva Tumour Centre holds weekly meetings at which all specialists attend to discuss the patient cases and develop customised treatment strategies. In addition, the Tumour Centre conducts advanced training courses to ensure that the latest therapeutic and diagnostic findings are incorporated into the treatment of patients.

The Tumour Centre is a certified organisation for prostate cancer diagnostics and treatment

Get an appointment at the Tumour Centre

The quickest way to make an appointment is through your family doctor.

To enquire about an appointment directly, feel free to call us at +41 44 365 65 65 (Uroviva Head Office) or send us an e-mail.

For oncological emergencies outside office hours and at weekends, please contact the emergency ward at the Zurich Onco Centre at +41 44 209 21 11.

Doctors wishing to discuss their cases at the weekly tumourboard, please register them via this link: registration tumourboard

Tumour Centre at the Bülach Clinic

Tumour Centre at the Bülach Clinic

Zürichstrasse 5
8180 Bülach
Tel. +41 44 365 65 65

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The Tumour Centre is located in the Uroviva Clinic on the 3rd floor.

PD Dr. Ulf Petrausch, Director of the Tumour Centre

PD Dr. Ulf Petrausch, Director of the Tumour Centre