The Urology Clinic

Personalised care and a warm atmosphere: At Uroviva Urology Clinic patients not only receive the best possible treatment, they also enjoy our hospitality and friendly service.

As a patient with Uroviva, you automatically have access to 26 urologists with an expertise suitable to your case. In addition to providing optimal treatment to all patients, we also make sure that your hospitalization is the most pleasant experience possible. Because your well-being is our focus, we respond individually to the wishes and needs of each patient. We also attach great importance to helping patients keep a healthy and well-balanced diet while staying at our clinic, which is why we work with an exclusive caterer who prepares fresh meals for our patients daily.

Accessible for all insurance classes

The Uroviva Urology Clinic caters to patients of all insurance classes without compromising quality standards. Uroviva is a listed hospital with a service mandate from the Canton of Zurich for the entire field of urology. 

The clinic also houses the Uroviva Tumour Centre, certified in 2018 for prostate cancer diagnostics and treatment. This centre is the main point of contact for referring family doctors and patients suffering from urological cancers. It supports doctors and their patients in coordinating personlised treatment plans that meet the needs of each individual.

What to bring for your stay

  • Medication and dosage regimen
  • Blood thinning ID and anticoagulant medicine
  • Blood glucose control booklet and personal insulin
  • Blood group card
  • Allergy and vaccination certificates
  • Nutrition and diet plans
  • Patient decree
  • Hearing aid, glasses, dentures
  • Bathrobe, slippers, toiletries, under garments
    (For semi-private and privately insured patients, a bathrobe and slippers are provided)

Visiting hours

Do you have any questions?

At first point of contact we see to it that your needs are met and will gladly provide information on accommodation options upon request. Send your requests to: patientrelations(at)

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