[Translate to Englisch:] Blasenentzündung (Zystitis)

Blasenentzündungen entstehen meistens, wenn sich Bakterien in der Harnblase vermehren und entsprechende Giftstoffe absondern. Diese lösen dann die eigentliche entzündliche Gewebereaktion aus.

A simple bladder infection rarely causes fever but can cause pronounced pain in the lower abdomen and often causes severe burning when urinating. In addition, there is generally a greatly increased urge for urination. In severe cases, it can even lead to visible blood in the urine. In men with enlarged prostates, it can trigger a urinary retention, which means that despite a full bladder, urination is not possible.

Bladder infections in women are very common and are usually caused by an ascending infection of the short urethra. In men, they are rare as the male urethra is significantly longer. If they occur, it is mainly in older men with an enlarged prostate and residual urine (urine that remains in the bladder after the bladder has been emptied). Delayed treatment often leads to associated infections such as renal pelvic inflammation und Prostate inflammation.


Bladder infections are diagnosed by performing a urinalysis. If they occur repeatedly, or if it is diagnosed in men, a bladder infection should be further examined by means of ultrasound, computed tomography of the upper urinary tract and cystoscopy.


Treating bladder infections is done with antibiotics, which act primarily against the bacteria that cause inflammation. It can take several days for the symptoms to subside. Administrating additional anti-inflammatory drugs, the can accelerate the healing process..


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