Renal pelvis congestion (hydronephrosis)

The cause of urinary obstruction in the urinary system (renal pelvis, ureter, bladder) is always a constriction. Various benign as well as malignant causes are possible.

The benign causes are most often ureteral stones, inflammation, pregnancy (the child's pressure on the urethra), an advanced prostate enlargement as well as changes caused by surgery or radiation. The malignant changes are due to bladder tumours and ureter mucosa tumours but also tumours of the kidney, prostate and gastrointestinal and female genital tract.

The symptoms can be completely absent or manifest as colic or continuous pain with or without fever. A rapid clarification and detailed diagnosis is necessary.


  • Ultrasound
  • Contrast-enhanced X-Ray imaging of the renal pelvis and ureter (Retrograde Ureteropyelography)</li> </ul> <h3>Therapy</h3> <p>This depends on the disease found. Important is the exact treatment plan in accordance with the cause of kidney stasis. The stasis should be surgically removed or bypassed. In the case of infections, waiting too long can be very dangerous and often requires emergency doctor's intervention.</p> <p>Conservative methods are, for example, decongestant medications, urinary catheter, the inner Uretal Stent (Pigtail) and the bypass of urine through a drainage tube, which is placed from the outside on the kidney (Nephrostomy).</p>

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