Renal pelvis tumours (renal pelvis carcinoma)

Renal pelvis tumours are malignant tumours, which account for about 10% of all kidney tumours. They originate from the so-called urothelium, the inner lining of the renal pelvis, ureter and bladder. Signs of a renal pelvis tumour usually include blood in the urine, as well as congestion of the renal pelvis (hydronephrosis).



Upon identification of renal pelvis or ureter cancer the corresponding kidney must be surgically removed along with the corresponding ureter. It is important that the ureter is removed up to the bladder, including the bladder cuff((Nephroureterectomy)).

Because this is a systemic disease of the urothelial tract, the bladder must be monitored at regular intervals by <ahref="t3://page?uid=61">cystoscopy.

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