Spark Waves

Spark Waves® are highly effective shock waves that have been used successfully since more than 30 years – especially in ESWL for renal stones. The positive effects of the shock waves can now be used in a more manageable size for urogenital disorders.

Areas of application: Erectile dysfunction based on circulatory disorders, pelvic floor issues and especially for the treatment of IPP-Induratio Penis Plastica (penile deviation due to penis lacerations of the erectile tissue).

The device stands out because it produces the most homogenous shock wave. Thereby it unfolds the highest possible energy on the area in question and achieves the best effects for the treatment. 

We recommend a weekly treatment over a period of 6 weeks. If necessary, the treatment can be repeated after a period of 4 weeks. So far, no side-effects have been reported.  

The method has been scientifically proven and our first experiences are more than promising with high patient satisfaction rates. Despite this success, the costs for method are not yet covered by the insurance companies.

Download Information: Uroviva Spark Wave Therapy

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