Bladder weakness

This refers to the inadequate emptying of the bladder. It ss caused by a weak, often over-stretched bladder muscle at a constriction of the urinary tract below the bladder (usually through the prostate) or in diseases of the nervous system e.g. in MS, polyneuropathy in diabetes mellitus, or even with a herniated disc in the lumbar region.



Treatment is based on the cause. If the urethra is restricted by an enlarged prostate or a scar, an attempt will be made to re-open the duct through surgery:

If the cause is related to a weakness of the bladder muscle, it must be ensured that the bladder is completely emptied several times a day and is not overstretched. This can be achieved by intermittent catheterisation. If this is not possible, a thin catheter can be inserted through the abdominal wall or through the urethra into the bladder.

As soon as the bladder muscle has recovered (at least a portion thereof), normal bladder voiding can be achieved via electro-stimulation or sacral neuromodulation.

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