Male sex organs

The male sexual organs consist of the penis and testicles, the epididymis, and seminal ducts, which are enclosed by the scrotum.

The penis comprises the lowermost part of the urethra and the corpora cavernosa, which are responsible for producing an erection. The foremost part consists of the glans, where the nerve endings trigger orgasms. The testis is the site of sperm maturation and the production of testosterone, an important male sex hormone. In the epididymis, the mature sperm are collected and made available for ejaculation. The sperm are carried to the seminal vesicle via the seminal ducts. From there, they are ejaculated through the prostate via the urethra.

Illnesses and disorders of the male sex organs


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The prostate is a walnut-sized gland located below the bladder in the pelvic area of the male anatomy.

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Bladder and urethra

The human bladder is located in the lower abdomen. Its main task is to store urine, which is produced around the clock by the kidneys, and to regularly evacuate it once a certain capacity is reached.

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Kidney and ureter

The kidney is a paired organ. The bean-shaped kidneys are located below the diaphragm at the posterior abdominal wall.

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